Sunday, November 06, 2005

Yes, proud to be an American

Gotta love the color commentary during ball games. Pretty much every single 'skins home game gets at least one of the commentators doing a "how great those monuments are" and "how proud it makes you to be an American." "It must be great to live here."

It is. Except for all the morons the public keeps electing and sending this way. Stop sending us your refuse. Elect them and keep them home. I vote for a virtual Congress. They all get to stay back in their home districts and try and run our lives from there. Ya know, maybe if they stay in their home districts, they'll stop trying to run our lives.

Just once wouldn't it be great to have a Representative looking to score points in his home district by doing something there (except sending them our money for the new school/highway/park to be named after him - instead of sticking their good for nothing noses into DC lives.

Ah, half time over, and so now is this rant.


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