Saturday, November 04, 2006

Say Again George Allen?

In the deluge of campaign ads that are flying through the DC area airwaves these days, George Allen's got quite a whopper going.

Looking directly into the camera, and with all apparent sincerity, Allen says that his opponent and his Washington supporters are distorting Allen's record in their ads. And that that sort of behavior is "not the way we do things in Virginia."

Guess Allen hasn't been watching his own ads, or those of his Republican supporters, which have been distorting the dickens out of Webb.

Allen has learned well from his leader King George. It doesn't matter if it's true, just keep saying it as though it was true and people just might believe you.

Unless, of course, they've been burned year after year by King George and have had all that blind trust kicked out of them.


Anonymous buckarooskido said...

this man is so transparently phony, inept and possessed of a tin ear that it's impossible to believe he's still competitive with jim webb. i LOVE the fact that he took jim webb's writing, which has been acclaimed by just about everyone--including the MARINE CORPS--and then implied that jim webb said/believed the things his CHARACTERS said in the steamy scenes. someone said this was tantamount in stupidity to blaming tolstoy for napoleon since he wrote about him in war in peace...pretty damn close.
what's the upside on this guy? why should be be anywhere NEAR the senate?!

10:32 PM  

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