Friday, January 19, 2007

Bush library agonistes

There has been quite a bit of evidence emerging this week that the Bush 43 Library project at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, has run into big trouble. To wit:

Certain of the faculty object to honoring the architect of a discretionary, damaging war and a foreign policy worthy of Kaiser Wilhelm II

Other faculty members are queasy about giving hacks like Karl Rove academic cover and respectability

Trustees worry about SMU becoming Terrorist Target Number One, a huge bullseye painted over the territory of the University.

Residents point out that Dallas is already notorious in Presidential history for the assassination of John F. Kennedy. They don't necessarily want more infamy coming their way...

Maybe the planners should pack it up and put in for some space in the biggest embassy in the world--the US embassy-to-be in Baghdad. That would be an appropriate location, n'est-ce pas, since Iraq will be the cornerstone of the Bush legacy...


Blogger jodmeister said...

Maybe they can find a nice location overlooking the oil fields!

3:12 PM  
Blogger moville said...

i don't think they will need much space, maybe just a small closet. GW Bush's library will be the equivalent of the book people wanted to write on JFK's Catholic faith. His sister told an interviewer that "it would be an awfully slim volume."

12:36 PM  

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