Saturday, March 03, 2007

A Gathering of Morons

As most people have probably heard by now, there will be a March on the Pentagon this March 17 here in DC. The marchers are coming to DC to protest against the war, and ask that the administration and its supporters actually do what they say they do -- support the troops -- by bringing them home and stop spending American lives in this horrifyingly bungled war.

They were gathering near the Vietnam war memorial and marching to the Pentagon.

This simple piece of info apparently has set off some of those 31% who still support Bush's war. In a bizarre twist, some of these right-wing blowhards have decided that the marchers' true agenda is to deface the Vietnam memorial and have called across the nation for a "gathering of eagles" (anyone else have a flash of Nazi imagery there?) to "protect" the memorial from the peace marchers.

I've lived in DC many years, and was here before that memorial was even drawn up. I remember the screams of outrage from America's right wingers that the memorial was not a true memorial to the war, but a "slash in the ground" - and they insisted on having statues of soldiers added nearby.

Well here we are so many years later and the same people who protested against the memorial's design are crying out to protect it from ... yes, peace marchers. Why on earth this group of pseudo-patriots has determined that peace marchers want to deface this memorial is a mystery. Maybe they're not getting enough sleep and are having hallucination issues. Maybe they're just so tired of being proven wrong time and time again on Bush & this conflict that they're flailing around trying to find other areas where they can thrust out their chests and feel like men. Then again, maybe their local bars just raised the price of a beer and these guys have nothing else to do.

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Blogger moville said...

You had it right when you called these people "morons." Now they are all set to defend the "Orwellian glop" and "black gash of shame," which is completely inconsistent and nonsensical. Think also about the "swift boat" veterans who had a panel at CPAC dedicated to the "hatred of the left for the American soldier," which proceeded even as the chronicle of callous and inept treatment of America's wounded at Walter Reed--which took place on Republicans' watch, remember--unfolded hour by hour outside. And then there's Dick Cheney, who accuses Nancy Pelosi of "playing into Al-Quaeda's hands," when no one has done more then he has to empower and re-invigorate them.

Like you said, morons. What else could you call them?? oh, and i forgot, these are the same people who keep saying "we weren't allowed to win" in Vietnam, when it was perfectly clear that to "win" meant making the entire country a wilderness and calling it peace.

add "barbarians" to "morons."

10:49 PM  
Anonymous Mark said...

The only people left supporting this crime of an administration are these disillusioned hot-headed idiots who can't seem to find any other way to deal with their failures in life.

12:47 PM  
Blogger JT said...

I want to go be a peace marcher, I wish I knew where to look to find that sort of activism in Eugene and Portland Oregon, I have tried searching in Google to no avail, anyways great site, keep it up :)

10:58 PM  
Blogger LaPopessa said...

jt - try this site:

As an old U/O grad (no fair asking how old), I would imagine there would be tons of activism going on in Eugene!

12:44 PM  

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