Sunday, April 29, 2007

Daily Life in Iraq

Make it Stop! Make it Stop! has added a new group of blogs in our links section to the right. These are blogs by Iraqis on daily life in their country five years & counting after we came to help them. The bloggers range from students to professionals. They offer valuable insights that are unfortunately too rare to find through our own media.

You Tubers are familiar with Saif, Adel & Ausama of Hometown Baghdad - whose videos on daily life are hits on the Youtube site. In Healing Iraq, a Baghdad dentist openly discusses the violence, but seems determined not to give up hope for the future of his country. Baghdad Burning's blogger attacks his national government with furor and anger. The familiy of Faiza, Raed, Khalid, and Majid are the voices heard on A Family in Baghdad. An anonymous Iraqi student shares opinions in No Pain, No Gain as does Nabil in Nabil's Blog. The blogger of Baghdad Connect examines life in Iraq and the politics behind some of the decisions. Other blogs featured in our links to the left are Madly in Love with Iraq, Where Date Palms Grow, Thoughts from Baghdad, Photos from Iraq, Alive in Baghdad, and First Words, First Walk in Iraq.

The next time you're wondering what our media and government are not telling you about Iraq and its people - look for yourselves.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

good stuff.

1:48 PM  
Blogger Zappy Corleone said...


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Anonymous Mark said...

Some of these are pretty interesting. I'm going to sleep tonight feeling damned spoiled and safe.

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