Friday, September 28, 2007

Take Our Money and Run: Contractors in Iraq - Kellogg, Brown & Root

It almost seems unfair to draw your attention to Kellogg, Brown & Root's "work" in Iraq, after all, they are a subsidiary of Darth Cheney's favorite charity, Halliburton. But what the heck, KBR's work earns them their own place in the spotlight. KBR grabbed more than $19 billion in Iraq contracts, and a measly $1.8 billion in Afghanistan contracts (yes, once again, the nation that actually harbored the 9/11 terrorists plays second fiddle to the one that was led by a man who dissed W's father).

KBR is Halliburton's logistics group. And their $20.1 billion government contract helped drive the company to a $2.7 billion profit last year. That's not swiss cheese. But hey, I'm sure they've earned it, right? I guess that depends on whether or not you've listened to Barry Godfrey, who was a KBR employee until he complained to his supervisors that KBR was making fraudulent overcharges in its contracts.


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