Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Here it comes again, look out!

While you were sleeping peacefully, the citizens of New Dehli were going another round with those pesky monkeys, who chose yesterday to go on another tear. Because of their alleged ties to the Hindu god of strength, they are given a pass in almost all public places, but occasionally they push that envelope...one man was talking to his neighbor on the balcony at about ll pm, when a monkey bounded in and took a bite of his baby's leg, triggering another mini-rampage. There were several such home invasions in the neighborhood...

You would think that monkey business in the Indian capital(it IS the capital, isn't it?!) would be at a minimum because the city allocates almost half a million dollars yearly to monkey capture and resettlement. But those stubborn simians just refuse to accept their exile and return again and again to claim their privileged status...long may they run amok. Well, maybe they COULD lose the habit of biting small humans, but they are at least good for a mirthful break from our dismal current reality.


Blogger TomCat said...

Bucky, they run wild in the White House too. :-)

6:17 PM  

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