Sunday, December 16, 2007

While We're Chatting About the NRA

Mitt claimed an NRA endorsement today on Meet the Press that he hadn't actually received. There's a bit of chat about that on some of the boards. I'd like to share another NRA piece from today's WaPo. A piece in their Outlook editorial section by Richard Feldman, an ex NRA lobbyist.

What we do have, though, is an organization whose senior leadership is dedicated to keeping the gun debate alive and burning in the American consciousness, for its own self-serving and self-preserving reasons. That organization is the National Rifle Association.

Unfortunately for American gun owners, the nation and the NRA itself, this major lobbying group has become intoxicated with money and privilege. The leadership has lost sight of its mission. Safeguarding the rights of gun owners has become secondary to keeping the fundraising machinery well greased and the group's senior staff handsomely compensated.

I know, because I once worked for it.

It's definitely worth the read.


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