Saturday, February 02, 2008

To Explain a Connection From My Post Below

I mentioned that oil revenues would have been wasted in countries like Chad and Bangladesh for money and food. If you were wondering why Chad, well it was a country on my mind recently. Rebels have broken through to N'Djamena and there's scattered fighting in the capital city. There has been unrest and problems in Chad for decades, but it's gotten much worse since ... yup, lots of oil was found there.

Another nice thing about oil, not only does it bring tons of profits to people who don't need it, but it can also bring trauma, doom, and disaster to the countries exploited by the companies to get to the oil if the nation isn't strong enough to take control of the oil revenues first itself.


Blogger buckarooskidoo said...

Exhibit A for the oil-based economy is...Vladimir Putin's Russia. That country is nothing to write home about in terms of job creation, human rights record, standard of living for all citizens. In fact, it is a disaster, a disaster enabled by the black stuff.

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