Wednesday, August 13, 2008

He's kidding, right?

On the subject of Georgia again, I have been wondering whether the democracy advocates in the Bush administration--the regime-changers pushing the "freedom agenda"--made some vague promises to Saakashvili about support for him against Russia? He certainly suggested that in comments this morning on CNN, which went as follows: ""Yesterday, I heard Sen. McCain say, 'We are all Georgians now'...well, very nice, you know, very cheering for us to hear that, but OK, it's time to pass from this. From words to deeds." It's not a stretch in view of Saakashvili's dispatch of troops into south Ossetia--he must've known that the Russians would likely strike back hard. If that's the case, shame on the Bush administration for encouraging false hopes, and shame on Saakashvili for believing them. He must have studied history at Harvard--all you have to know about the likelihood of US intervention in that part of the world is Hungary '56.


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