Friday, September 26, 2008

Timing is everything!

I planted my Obama flag over a week ago, going partisan out of pure conviction: this is a candidate for whom I can vote with joy in my heart. And I'm gonna proclaim it all over this land, or at least on my block, anyway!

Imagine my surprise today when I came home today to find the three houses to the right of mine sporting...McCain/Palin signs. I thought the timing was suspicious, coming as they did only hours after the Palin debacle with Katie Couric, in which she revealed for everyone her know-nothingism. It almost seemed to me that my neighbors were celebrating her incoherence and ignorance, actively applauding those qualities.

I am contemplating swiping their current signs and planting a new set, with a slight alteration. The new signs would read, "MORONS FOR MCCAIN and ESPECIALLY PALIN!"


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