Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Yup, That Was Fun

And interesting. A well played move by Roddy. I loved the line, "Please don't let the allegations against me taint this good and honest man." Burris was followed by U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush of Chicago encouraging Burris' seating. And, of course, my favorite, the use of the term "lynching" for those who would work to keep Burris (who would be the only African American in that body) out of the Senate.

The spinmeisters and analysts were rushing to their various judgments even before the press conference was over. Several have painted Burris as an opportunist. The Chicago Tribune seems to be of that mind, noting that:
Burris made known his interest in the Senate appointment but was never seriously considered, according to Blagojevich insiders. In the days following Blagojevich's arrest--and despite questions over the taint of a Senate appointment--Burris stepped up his efforts to win the governor's support.
Louisiana, has Illinois given you a run for your money these past few years or what!


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