Friday, January 23, 2009


With so much energy focused on the inauguration I haven't blogged on the most recent renewal of Israeli-Palestinian madness. Among the many stories of insanity in this latest round is one that sticks out in my mind. It happened as part of last Friday's attack on Khan Yunis. During the attack, a Land Rover holding Mohammed Shurrab, 60, and two of his sons, Ibrahim and Kassab, was shot at on a Gaza road near their family-owned farm.

Mohammed Shurrab described the scene as a sudden attack, a hail of bullets from a group of Israeli soldiers who had been hiding 30 yards away in a house along the road. The trio made it out of the car, but Kassab was shot and killed almost immediately. Mohammed and Ibrahim were both wounded, but able to hide behind the car, away from Kassab. Each time Mohammed moved toward his dead son, soldiers shot in the air and yelled that they would kill him if he didn't stay still. His other son, shot in the leg, needed medical attention. Mohammed begged for help, even using his cell phone to call anyone he could think of to send an ambulance.

But an ambulance near the scene was held back by the soldiers, who refused to let one reach the family until 11am the next morning. During those 20 hours Mohammed watched his 18 year old son Ibrahim bleed to death. One reason this story has gotten out over so many others is that Mohammed reached his son, Amer Shurrab, who was in the US. Amer and friends frantically called any and all they could think of, from CNN to the Red Cross, trying to get an ambulance for Ibrahim.


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Mr. George Mitchell has his work cut out for him. Northern Ireland might turn out to be a walk on St. Stephen's Green by comparison.

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