Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Updates from local news

Elderly woman was one hit by train at Gallery Place. Stories of a woman who has collapsed & getting medical service (i.e., ambulance called) south side of mall on 7th & Madison. Also of a child who was hurt by a falling barrier. Stories now of people who are just now getting to metro and turning around & going home because it's such a horror show. I think Mark & crew got in just under the radar. Thinking of all those who figured they could get up and leave now for a 2pm parade and now don't have a prayer of getting in. This is one heck of a crowd, and one heck of a mess. Hopefully the crowd can keep its patience and sense of excitement and hope.

And if you haven't left by now - Mall will be full by the time you get there. WaPo is updating their map of best places to get into the parade area (I've been using it to guide Mark). Find it here.


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