Sunday, January 29, 2006

Oops, Republican Senators Take Some Hits

Survey USA has a poll out that shows a "net approval rating" of US senators (that's approval rating minus disapproval rating).

Of the 10 Senators at the top of the net approval rating, only 4 are Republicans (Snowe, Maine at 54%; Collins, Maine, at 54%, John McCaine, Az, at 52%, and Domenici, NM at 39%).

Of the 10 Senator at the bottom of the net approval rating, only 2 are Democrats (both from New Jersey).

The bottom 10? From the bottom up:
Conrad Burns, Montana, -9%
Frank Lautenberg, NJ, -4%
Rick Santorum, PA, -2%
Jim Bunning, KY, -1%
M. Martinez, FL, -1
Jon Kyl, AZ, 5%
Bill Frist, TN, 5%
M. DeWine, OH, 5%
Jon Corzine, NJ, 8%
G. Voinovich, OH, 9%


Blogger AKH said...

Very interesting. Glad that the majority is getting the majority of the disapproval for a change.

Does anyone smell a filibuster in the air?

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

2:34 AM  
Anonymous buckarooskidoo said...

more bad news for one of them...i forgot where i read it, but santorum was rated one of the dumbest, if not THE dumbest, member of congress. there's some pretty stiff competition in that category, you'll admit. as molly ivins once wondered aloud, "does my senator have an IQ higher than a dust bunny?"

6:07 PM  
Blogger JLT Sheppard said...

I am not too sure Santorum is a dumby, but he is surely a corrupt SOB who chases political opportunity the way an injury lawyer chases ambulances. I'm glad it is blatantly obvious to the rest of the US that he doesn't speak for his constituents in PA.

12:15 AM  

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