Sunday, February 19, 2006

What Left Wing Media Bias - Are You as Tired of This as I am?

Well Peter Daou is demanding that conservatives show their proof. In his "Daou Report" column, he's calling them on this utter nonsense. What annoys me so much is the same folk who defend Fox News as "fair and balanced" are among the first to go crying about the media's liberal balance.

Not stopping there, he backs up his contention that there is a conservative bias in the media beyond the brainless heads on Fox. For instance - on Cheney's recent gun mishap --

EXAMPLE: NBC News quoted ranch owner Katharine Armstrong as saying Cheney's pre-hunt picnic may have included "a beer or two." The MSNBC website has since been scrubbed to remove the quote with no explanation for readers.

Or on whinny Democrats --

EXAMPLE:The Washington Post recently stated that "some Democrats argue that Bush is breaking the law by spying on people in the United States without a warrant and without congressional or judicial oversight." This spin mirrors the GOP effort to paint this as a partisan controversy, but that dog won't hunt. Republican lawmakers in the House and Senate have raised serious questions about the program's legality.

Or Boehner's housing arrangements --

EXAMPLE:CNN's Jack Cafferty asked viewers if they saw any problem with Majority Leader Boehner renting an apartment from a lobbyist whose clients have business before Boehner.
He got over 700 responses, nearly all of which questioned the arrangement. Wolf Blitzer stuck up for Boehner, telling Cafferty, "But you did hear Ed Henry say it is a basement apartment, which is not necessarily all that desirable, and he's paying the fair market value."

Or the new is old again state of the union --

EXAMPLE: On ABC's Good Morning America, Charles Gibson embraced the administration's spin and said, "[I]f there was anything new in the [State of the Union], it was his call for an end to America's addiction with foreign oil, a calling for a reduction on America's dependence on Middle Eastern oil of 75 percent in 20 years." The truth is, there's nothing new in Bush's proposal except slightly different rhetoric.


Anonymous buckarooskidoo said...

agreed, i'm tired of hearing this myself. the bush people have all three branches of government, with the bully pulpit of the presidency, arguably the most influential talk radio programs in the country(rush and lars larson, the regional rush, completely dominate all local programming here in eastern oregon on weekdays), one of the major cable outlets and a whole stable of opinion columnists, some of whom have embraced "pay-for-play" tactics. plus, for whatever reason, their point of view usually predominates on the major national talk shows each sunday, e.g. russert's meet the press. something like 60% of the guests in the past five years on these shows publicly backed the iraq war before and well after the invasion.
these conservatives are in really sad shape, i agree. the sneaky, evil radiclibs have really marginalized them in their virulent hatred of freedom and the flag.

1:32 PM  

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