Saturday, February 18, 2006

It Just Has to be That They Are This Stupid

I keep trying to find other explanations, and none really make any sense. Time and time again, I'm left with stupidity, plain and simple. Who? The morons who continue to argue that global warming isn't happening, or my own particular favorite, "needs more study."

Personally, I'm looking forward to the days when my DC 6th floor apartment becomes ocean front property. But I don't think the folks on the first to 5th floors are going to like it so much. Not to mention everyone living between here and the ocean.

Well maybe even these idiots (are you listening Geo W?) will take some notice in the latest study that shows that Greenland's glaciers are not only melting, but melting twice as fast as we thought they were. You're right Geo W. & Chenster and the rest of the head in the sand crew. Global warming needs more study. Because climate change is happening. And it's happening now.

What does Geo W. care, odds are good he'll be dead by the time Houston is long gone and Dallas is ocean front. But you'd think he'd give a damn about his kids. Hope the twins can swim.


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