Friday, February 10, 2006

Well, Duh

Can there really be anyone in the universe at this point who is surprised by this "revelation" by ex CIA official Paul Pillar that the administration was so intent on going to war in Iraq that they nevere even bothered to request "any strategic-level intelligence assessments on any aspect of Iraq."?

I mean, thanks Paul for coming forward and all, but I can't imagine there's anyone out there who hasn't realized by now that the administration and its neo-con brainless trust wanted a war in Iraq more than just about anything in the universe, and wasn't going to let anything stop them. If anyone had foolishly asked for an intelligence report, then they'd have information they didn't want. And then they'd have to go to the trouble of ignoring it. Isn't it much easier to just not learn the information in the first place?


Anonymous buckarooskidoo said...

this is the thing that bugs me the most about the whole botched iraq operation. i think a lot of people understood the original rationale, i.e. saddam is a threat to us, has a grudge against us, he's a murderer and a war criminal and a tyrant who threatens his neighbors, let's whack him because we CAN. but if you were going to do that, and had a really genuine interest in remaking that state, or doing something really good there, why wouldn't you have done everything you could to bring it about? like bringing in the top iraq experts, assembling all the intelligence reports you could, sending in an overwhelming number of troops to guarantee security and order and head off the insurgency that EVERYONE knew would constitute itself(can you say l920, boys and girls?)and devoting sufficient funds to get the infrastructure back up and functioning? of course, you would've. but you, popessa, are a rational, thinking, historically minded individual. these people are not.
it looks suspiciously as if the bushies wanted to do it all on the cheap, get rid of saddam, put cronies in power and guarantee us an oil-rich presence in the gulf for the forseeable future. we are going to have to pay a high price for their short-sightedness, ideological blindness and greediness. we already have, to the tune of almost 2300 killed, thousands more wounded and expotentially thousands more disrupted or ruined lives.
does anybody care out there? this alone would be grounds for impeachment, or at least discussion of it. a discretionary war, a pre-emptive strike, on dubious or non-existent grounds, and then no preparation at all for the postwar. robert f. kennedy, the man who refused to let his brother be the "tojo of american history" during the most serious security crisis of the 20th century, must be spinning in his grave right now.

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