Monday, February 06, 2006

Except for No Abortions, No Gays Getting Married, No Protesting at Halliburton . . .

We need to be careful about having government come in, for example, and tell people how to live their lives.

Veep Chenster, February 3, 2006 on the Laura Ingraham Show

You would think that maybe Cheney had a revelation. That he decided government really didn't have a place in determining that there are ways we should live our lives. But no, in fact, Cheney wasn't talking about society, but economics.

Although apparently it IS the government's business to tell us what to do as a society, it's not their business to tell us to stop driving SUVs because we're killing the planet. Here's the rest of that quote.

". . . that the market does work, that people make adjustments and make decisions for themselves in terms of what kind of vehicle they want to drive, and how often they want to fill up the tank, and from the perspective of individual American citizens, this notion that we have to "impose pain," some kind of government mandate, I think we would resist. The marketplace does work out there. People do make decisions, for example, to use less energy when it gets expensive, and to find ways to be more efficient."


Blogger AKH said...

Of course this makes sense since this administration thinks that it makes up the rules and the rest of us just have to follow them.

I can't wait for the liberal backlash after these past 6 years.

7:13 PM  

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