Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A sense of where you are?!

It's official--GOP Congressional Candidate Howard Kaloogian has been caught in an outrageous fib. Kaloogian was trying to show how journalists have misreported the war in Iraq, refused to report the "good news" breaking out all over the country(everyone knows they hate freedom anyway). As proof, he provided a photograph of a normal-looking metropolis with a market scene, happy people crossing the street, etc. That wasn't the only jarring note...all the street signs were written in western script. Absolutely no persian gulf language to be seen anywhere. Come to find out he had actually posted a picture of suburban Istanbul, Turkey...the only question is whether this is a case of deliberate falsification or ignorance. It leads me to wonder whether Kaloogian will be a member of the terminological inexactitude faction of the House Foreign Relations Committee or the "I-ain't-got-no-passport-and-i'm-damn-proud-of-it" caucus if he makes it to Washington. Either way, 50th California Congressional District Republicans AND Democrats have some rich food for thought in evaluating the fitness of Mr. Kaloogian to be their representative in the Nation's Capital.
Oh, and this guy is obviously an Armenian-American...if he's going to try to put one over on us, wouldn't you think he'd try to fake it with a city outside of, um, Turkey?!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, saw that. And kudos to the Daily Kos crew for figuring that one out. Good work guys!

11:35 PM  

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