Thursday, January 04, 2007

Well, as Long as Our Money is Going to a Worty Cause

Just when I thought the only thing that would have me madly raving and screaming "Make it Stop! Make it Stop! this year would be Iraq.

So thank you CNN's story on convicted ex-members of the US Congress. It's one of those things that I guess I knew in my heart, but hadn't really thought about. Did you know that every single one of those CONVICTED guys still gets his or her congressional pension? Ok, so this is an issue that's being trumpeted by the National Taxpayers Union (a Grover Norquist-related organization, putting it way over on the far right-o-meter--Norquist is also a good buddy of Jack Abramoff).

The far-right Republican Abramoff-buddy tendencies of the group notwithstanding, and yes, they are using the issue to try and stick it to the newly empowered Democrats. But hey, even a monkey sometimes hits the bullseye, right?

So far-right revenge agenda aside, the fact that we've got convicted MCs (Republican & Democrat) still picking up their Congressional pensions - paid for by us, just sticks in the throat. Pelosi's office said that last year they introduced legislation to strip current MCs from their pensions if convicted. So the Dems have already been moving in the right direction. I say finish the move by taking care of business and taking our money BACK from at least the convicted thieves and liars.

The day we can figure out how to take our money back from the non-convicted thieves and liars who are running the administration - well that would be a very good day, indeed.


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