Sunday, February 11, 2007


I'll admit, I feel a bit of shame in my support of Obama this early in the race. Have I become one of those like the media mocked by Steven Colbert when he said they spend their time writing, "Mrs. Barack Obama over and over again" in their notebooks? Have I fallen for his canidacy as much for what I think he can become as what he is? Probably. Nevertheless, as someone who wouldn't think of voting for Hillary, but whose other choice (Dennis Kucinich), is only a step away from tossing the vote into a puddle (sorry Kucinich fans), Obama is my guy.

So I was glad to see today's WaPo selected Obama (oh come on, of COURSE the Post writers have pages of "Mrs. Barack Obama" scribblings in their note pads) for the first of their portraits of political candidates through the words of people who know them. Click here to read the Obama portraits.


Blogger moville said...

I like Obama for three reasons: first, he is a trans-national, multi-racial figure, representing trends I think America should embrace. Second, he CAN put an end to all those l960s-era culture war dorm debates about Vietnam, the drug culture, student protests, etc. He was too young to have been deeply involved in any of that. Third, he can give us a rest from dynasty politics. No one named Clinton, Bush or Kennedy may run this time around. This is a regulation I have established for this season.

12:12 PM  
Blogger Carol Gee said...

L: I am with you, I think. Mine is probably not a rational decision, but one of hope. But if there's enough hope, it can happen, huh? Good post.

5:53 PM  
Blogger mishdiaz said...

I wrote Mrs. Barack Obama over and over in my notebook too... he is such a class act. I said the first time I heard him speak at the DNC that I was going to vote for that guy no matter what party he belongs to. BUT, the more I hear him speak the more I believe he is not ready to be president. Maybe he is getting his name out there to be Clintons running mate?? I like your rule that no one named Bush (for sure) Clinton or Kennedy can run this time around.... but would you not reconsider Clinton if Obama was on the ballot with her??

2:59 AM  

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