Thursday, February 15, 2007

Talk, Talk, Talk

Today Congress winds up its current debate we wait to learn if Congress will spank Bush hard and take all funding away from the war except that which it takes to pull the troops out.

Oops, I'm sorry, that's the debate in our alternate universe. Here what are we waiting to learn with baited breath? How many Republicans vote with the Dems. And on what? Oh yeah, the non-binding resolution of disapproval for Bush's "surge".

Anybody else out there jumping up and down with excitement over the backbone of our new Congress, having heard the anti-war voice during the elections, standing up to the President and saying that they want to ... disagree with his surge.

Shall we begin a collection to buy Congress a backbone and some guts?


Blogger moville said...

well, i don't know. i'm holding fire because my favorite congressman, the hon. virgil goode of virginia, assures us that if we oppose the surge, we're going to end up with "in mohammad we trust" on our currency. that collection might be the last with real American/Amerikun money...

8:29 PM  

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