Saturday, March 31, 2007

George channeling Harry...

I was partially asleep at the switch the other day, cycling through the bogus historical analogies and personages used by the President recently to cast himself in a better light. How could I possibly have forgotten Harry S. Truman, the only man with approval ratings lower than Bush's? Well, Rupert Cornwell of the Independent hasn't, so a sampling of his take on these two Presidents is in order.


Blogger TomCat said...

If George wants to channel someone who accurately reflects his views, hw needs to channel his grand pappy's (Prescott Bush) hero: Adolf.

10:39 AM  
Blogger buckarooskidoo said...

i think you really have to go back a couple decades in German history to get Bush's real soulmate...if you think about it, the Kaiser came into office with a chip on his shoulder, determined to stand against everything his parents(pro-British, pro-democracy, etc.)cherished(sound familiar? Bush loves giving the middle finger to his dad). His mother was Queen Victoria's favorite daughter. He destroyed Bismarck's carefully constructed system of alliances in favor of a go-it-alone foreign policy, in the process not just alienating, but deliberately provoking would-be friends and allies(read: the British). He was impervious to advice, exceedingly vain and fond of incendiary rhetoric. He wasn't exactly a chickenhawk, but he liked the trappings of military life--the 200 plus uniforms in his closet--a lot better than actual fighting. Plus, every political decision he made was a total disaster, beginning with the build-up of the British navy and ending with the plot to have Mexico attack the US in l9l7. When he was through, the place was a shambles...just as our political and foreign relations are now, and will be, until GWB departs or is pushed out.

1:08 PM  

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