Sunday, March 04, 2007

What Really Matters to the Troops

Something that never ceases to astound me is the droning on and on from the Bushies & right wingers that demands to bring the troops home is . . . not supporting the troops. As though they're over there facing danger and death on a daily basis thinking "God no! Don't let them demand that we go home!"

George, Dick & the rest of the right wing brainless trust - take a listen to the troops for what really matters. And it isn't what Nancy Pelosi or Cong. Murtha or anybody else trying to get the troops out of Iraq has to say. It's this, from WaPo - Tom Rick's war inbox. Check out the story for the full list of 63 items. Here are a few. What's depressing is how many of the wish list items are there because issued equipment is poorly functioning or poor quality.

1. Any extra Class VIII you can bring from HS is good to have.
2. Wolfhook single point slings.
3. Desert Tan spray paint.
4. Space blanket(s).
5.100 mph tape, 550 cord, TP, other expendables you think would come in handy.
6. Drop Leg Holster (Blackhawk or SERPA) and Uncle Mike's Holster for wearing around every day (drop leg will wear a hole in ACUs over time). I also have one for my IBA so I can have my 9mm handy when in the gun hatch going through towns.
7. Weapons lube that DOESN'T ATTRACT SAND (MILTECH or Remington Dry Lube).
8. Two copies of addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, etc.
9. Two pairs of GOOD boot insoles.
10. A Good Tactical Flashlight (SureFire, even though you will get issued one with M4).

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Blogger moville said...

very good post. it always amazes me that people like bush and cheney would automatically assume that the troops just love the job they are doing and would love to remain in that cesspool indefinitely.

I completely agree, there is no military solution to this problem, so the best way to "support the troops" would be to examine other measures with which to stabilize the situation. of course, the best one would be to rewind the tape of time and cancel the invasion in the first place. saddam would've kicked off eventually anyway, and we would've seen the place fall apart, but then our fingerprints wouldn't have been all over it.

11:43 AM  

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