Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Utter Predictability of it All

Bloggers and right-wingers start their cries of "guns don't kill people" and go on their pro-gun offensive following the VT shootings. But do any of them at least bother to preface their self-promoting attacks with at the very least a word of sympathy or two about the victims? No, of course not. All we hear from these loony-tunes about the victims is that this wouldn't have happened if some of them were armed. No "I/we are so sorry to hear this latest news." No "I/we pray for the victims and their families."

Nope, it's all bodies to the barricades and shouting from the mountain tops that their precious guns must be defended against all costs. Apparently even against a brief moment of sympathy for those killed.


Blogger Ron West said...

If these gun nuts were serious, we would better gun registration laws, and limits on ammo, etc. Nope. Public safety ain't part of the equation.

3:47 PM  

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