Friday, July 20, 2007

I'd Mock Putin for This - but . . .

I'm living in a nation where school districts approve the use of books produced by that devoted band of head-in-sanders known as creationists. So it's only with a small degree of superiority I can join in the mockery of a couple of new text books being pushed in Russian high schools. They are, to say the least, celebrations of the great leadership of Vladimir Putin himself. Sample sentence - from the last chapter of the history text: "We see that practically every significant deed is connected with the name and activity of President V.V. Putin."

What is that vague memory I have of the "cult of personality?"

Ah, I can just see Darth Cheney in his undisclosed location office wringing his hands and giggling with delight at the possibilities for US school districts. Just think. With the right allies on the right school boards, Cheney & Bush's neo-con & psycho right cronies could produce a whole series of text books for American schools. No doubt the first one out will be "International Intervention for Fun and Profit," a lively text that examines the great success of the current Iraq war. What? Do I hear you asking "what great success?" Well obviously you were NOT one of the nine conservative pundits invited to chat with Bush last week at the White House. Where, as a couple of them noted later, the prez was "very energized" "confident and upbeat and ever," "assertive and good-humored."

Of COURSE he's energized, confident and good-humored. HE'S BAT-SHIT INSANE!

Ok, yes, perhaps there is another explanation. I await yours.


Blogger TomCat said...

LP, Putin should be ashamed of himself, stealing Bush's book and substituting his own name for that of our Fuhrer. The only reason it hasn't been published is they haven't taught Bush to read it yet.

2:42 PM  

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