Sunday, July 22, 2007

Thoughts on Iraq, Islam and the World

Today's WaPo Outlook section is devoted to a series of articles on Islam and Iraq. Perspectives that may be new to some, and worth a look to all of us.

Mohsin Hamid, who admits to feeling a little like "us" as well as like "them" tries to answer the question, Why Do They Hate Us?

Akbar Ahmed's look at our Commander in Chief, Bush Still Doesn't Get It begins by saying that Bush "actually has some rather sound instincts about the Muslim world" and goes on to show just how pitiful he's been at listening to those instincts over the neo-con screams in his head & and puppet master Cheney's.

In Losing My Jihadism, Mansour al-Nogaidan argues that Saudi Islam needs a Martin Luther-like Reformation. The ex-Jihadist reveals his own spiritual journey.

Finally, Mohja Kahf's essay on Islam and women's issues, As American as You Are, looks at her own life experiences. Agree or disagree with her conclusions, the essay is worth a read.


Blogger libhom said...

I can agree that Saudi Islam needs a reformation, but Martin Luther wouldn't be the best role model for it. Luther was a religious extremist. He was so anti-Semitic that he came up with the idea for Kristalnacht.

It is both ironic and a relief that today's Lutheran Church has abandoned its founder's Antisemitism and religious extremism.

2:30 PM  

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