Friday, September 21, 2007

Mad for Teacher . . . Not

Way to go Stanford! The University's Hoover Institution has appointed none other than Mr. Iraqi Disaster himself, Donny Rumsfeld, as a "distinguished visiting fellow." Well, let's face it, Rummy has distinguished himself over the years as completely and utterly unable to fulfill his duties back at the Pentagon. A number of Stanford students & professors have protested the appointment. Although I don't know, I mean it might be a great idea to shove Rummy in front of a class and make him defend even one of his decisions as Secretary of Defense. Unfortunately for those students, Rummy won't be teaching. He'll just visit the campus a couple of times.

Apparently those who want to bring in Rummy consider him an "expert on the subjects that the panel will study." Hard to argue that. He was in the middle of it all, advised on some of the worst military decisions our country has made. The one-year appointment has reemphasized the gulf between the Institution and Stanford officials. I'm sure we can all hardly wait until Rummy's first appearance in the area. I'm already laying bets on how many students will be tasered for the sin of asking Rummy a question. Let alone any of us ask Rummy to answer for his crimes.


Blogger buckarooskidoo said...

Remember, this is the same august institution that gave the world Condi Rice, so no surprise there.

11:07 PM  
Blogger LaPopessa said...

And from what I hear, she's not going to be welcomed back with open arms if she wants to go back.

7:25 AM  
Blogger buckarooskidoo said...

true, very true. you should hear some of the assessments the faculty offers of her. but as a friend of mine points out, she has tenure, the place granted her leave, and besides, she has only damaged the United States during her tenure, not Stanford(!).

11:24 AM  

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