Monday, September 17, 2007

Michael Mukasey - an AG in the Bush Mode

Of course there are many reasons why Bush wants to nominate Michael Mukasey as his new AG. Let's face it, Bush isn't about to nominate someone who doesn't support the craziness of the Bush/Cheney mindset. Here's a couple of pieces on Mukasey to check out. For one, an article he wrote for the Wall Street Journal supporting the Patriot Act in 2004 "The Spirit of Liberty: Before attacking the Patriot Act, try reading it." In the Journal just last month, Mukasey posted another article, "Jose Padilla Makes Bad Law: Terror trials hurt the nation even when they lead to convictions." That leaves precious little to the imagination about the use of courts and trials to deal with the men in US custody in Guantanamo Bay and other locations. If we bring such men to trial, we lose the war on terror. This man is a scary SOB, but it's not surprising.


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