Saturday, October 13, 2007

Another General Outs Bush Team as Idiots

Lt. General Ricardo Sanchez, now retired, blasted the Bush administration Friday for its idiotic Iraq war policy. For a war plan that was "catastrophically flawed," causing the US to be "living in a nightmare with no end in sight." Sanchez argues that the "administration, Congress and the entire interagency, especially the State Department, must shoulder the responsibility for this catastrophic failure, and the American people must hold them accountable. There has been a glaring unfortunate display of incompetent strategic leadership within our national leaders. . . . From a catastrophically flawed, unrealistically optimistic war plan to the administration's latest surge strategy, this administration has failed to employ and synchronize its political, economic and military power."

Now Sanchez's Iraq service history is not without blotter. He was, after all, to top US general during Abu Ghraib. He retired in the fun aftermath of that scandal. He is definitely not without sin throwing the first stone. On the other hand, he was certainly right in the middle of this mess in the early years and it's good to see him speaking out on what he saw.

Today's WaPo has the article on its front page, although it's hard to find amidst the Blackwater and other news of the blunders of this administration. So I offer a link to it here.


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