Thursday, October 11, 2007

Draft Gore?

It's interesting to watch the buzz over Gore (will he win the Nobel or not?) (will he let himself be drafted to run in '08?) and of course the backlash buzz ("global warming doesn't exist, Gore is wrong and already lost the election for prez once"), and I'm just waiting now for the Clinton camp to start feeding stories to the press on how Gore wasn't really all that great a veep.

Is Gore the only democrat who could win the election in '08 (i.e., Hillary may win nomination, but can never win election with such high unapproval ratings)?

Does he even WANT to run again? Let's face it, he's out there having a whole lot of fun going to awards shows, giving speeches and possibly picking up famous international medals. Would YOU want to trade that in for a job that ages you at warp speed? Where you get a bunch of people like me watching and commenting on your every move?


Blogger moville said...

I'd vote for him. He's a grownup, a certifiable expert on a lot of important issues, he has always been right on Iraq and he would run this time as his own man, rather than The Guy Running Away From Monica Lewinsky.
that said, i believe you're right that most people who want this job should have a mandatory psychiatric evaluation.

9:17 PM  

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