Saturday, November 03, 2007

America's Democratic(?) Allies

American presidents have a long history of choosing our international friends based on what they (forgive me JFK) can do for us, not what they can do for their own countries. To an extent, that is how it should be, leaders should keep their countries' interests in mind.

What I've found particularly entertaining (in a sick and demented way, I admit) is the Bush administration's ability to pick and choose international friends for how they can fulfill the goals of that ever-entertaining group of tunnel-visioned, self-delusional idiots known as the neo-cons. They will toss away an opportunity to work with an international leader for the best of everyone if he doesn't fit into the neo-con vision of the future. So we play nicely with leaders who enslave, torture and murder their own people. -- Wave to the camera leaders of China, Sudan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and wait . . . is that Pakistan I see over in the corner there?

Yes, as you probably have heard, Pakistan prez. Musharraf has decided to proclaim a state of emergency and suspend the Pakistani constitution. Pakistan's supreme court declared the state of emergency illegal, but Musharraf took care of that by expelling the chief justice and sending troops to take over the court and even surround judges' homes. Pakistan, Pakistan. Have you learned NOTHING from your work with the Bush administration? Why did you not simply follow his example, which is to simply ignore the constitution and the court. After all, whenever he does that, the only response he gets from Congress is that they bend over and ask for another.

As CNN notes, "for weeks the country has been coasting in a state of political limbo while the Supreme Court works to tackle legal challenges filed by the opposition that calls into question Musharraf's eligibility to hold office."

And as any political science major can tell you - nothing reassures a country sliding into political limbo and in the midst of military, terror and political crises from all sides like a central political figure shutting everything down and grabbing all power.

Yup, that should fix everything. Don't we all feel so much better now?


Blogger buckarooskidoo said...

It just hasn't been a good interval for fake states, nation-building experiments...first we had the Yugoslav inferno, then the breakup of the Soviet Union, followed by the velvet divorce between Czechs and Slovaks(maybe a handful of stubborn Ruthenes, too, hanging on in the east), followed by the destruction of Iraq. Now it's Pakistan's turn, which wouldn't trouble my sleep except for the specter of The Bomb in the hands of Osama and the gang. AT LEAST, we didn't break Pakistan...we only enabled Musharraf. small consolation.

1:41 PM  
Blogger TomCat said...

What I'm trying to figure is Musharraf imitating Bush, or the other way around?

4:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf declaring an illegal state of emergency doesn't surprise me, he is likened to a terrorist as far as I am concerned unless of course I am mistaken, he took the presidential spot by force when he was military commander, now his time is up and he is trying to hold on to power, Why oh Why would you do this, don't be SO DAYUM greedy. There is such a thing called Dignity, if you stand down properly you will get more power than trying to force people into having you as chief and commander. If he was interested in the best interests of his people, then maybe he should look into why they feel like supporting someone else more than him... because clearly in his countrys polls he is not the "TOP DOG". This is clearly a silly situation, if the court rules it illegal than Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf should let the courts decide and it seems they did, you don't then chuch a tantrum, your not interested in your people as much as you say.

And this is coming from a nice person! Truely diplomatic... Not trying to sound negative either, I am just trying to address some facts, if someone can tell me any further information on why I should feel any different please let me know, thanks

8:20 PM  

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