Sunday, October 28, 2007

Podhoretz, Cheney & "Islamofascism" - Who's Bombing Who?

Der Spiegel writers Gregor Peter Schmitz and Cordula Meyer had an article a couple of days ago you can find in English here. They look at Cheney's idea of what first steps would be taken in an attack on Iran's nuclear capabilities. Norm "the moron" Podhoretz continues to push the theory that Iran somehow represents the next tip (apparently the last one was Saddam) of this "Islamofascist" world movement (whatever on earth THAT is supposed to be), and if we don't strike now we'll ... I get lost at that point, or else something bad of some sort will happen. Not quite sure what. Norm probably doesn't mean that we'll get bogged down in yet another utterly meaningless conflict that drains our blood & financial resources.

"In the scenario concocted by Cheney's strategists, Washington's first step would be to convince Israel to fire missiles at Iran's uranium enrichment plant in Natanz. Tehran would retaliate with its own strike, providing the US with an excuse to attack military targets and nuclear facilities in Iran." The authors wonder what role Israel's recent attack on a Syrian facility might have in this game plan - a practice first strike? A first step to gauge international reaction?

What will happen is that the neo-cons face a loss of power and influence. Having screwed up the Iraq invasion as badly as something can be screwed up, Iran is their last chance to prove they can get something done.

In last week's Newsweek, Fareed Zakaria was his usual voice of reason in the insanity of international affairs. He looks at the Podhoretz/Cheney mouth-foaming rush to bomb Iran and asks - why again?

"Here is the reality. Iran has an economy the size of Finland's and an annual defense budget of around $4.8 billion. It has not invaded a country since the late 18th century. The United States has a GDP that is 68 times larger and defense expenditures that are 110 times greater. Israel and every Arab country (except Syria and Iraq) are quietly or actively allied against Iran. And yet we are to believe that Tehran is about to overturn the international system and replace it with an Islamo-fascist order? What planet are we on?

When the relatively moderate Mohammed Khatami was elected president in Iran, American conservatives pointed out that he was just a figurehead. Real power, they said (correctly), especially control of the military and police, was wielded by the unelected "Supreme Leader," Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Now that Ahmadinejad is president, they claim his finger is on the button. (Oh wait, Iran doesn't have a nuclear button yet and won't for at least three to eight years, according to the CIA, by which point Ahmadinejad may not be president anymore. But these are just facts.)"

And let's be honest - when in the history of this administration or its neo-com cheerleaders have the facts ever stood in the way of their bizarre attempts to remake the world in their own image.


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