Monday, October 22, 2007

Wisdom & Amusements from Around the Web

Here I am at my keyboard with a day off - and days off are so rare in my world, so thought I'd look around the web and see what's up (no, I'm not downtown with the anti WTO demonstrations today- giving that a rest this year).

So from around the web -

Marie Therese of News Hounds (they watch Fox so I don't have to) wonders about something Bush said the other day. "During his press conference last Wednesday (October 17, 2007) President George Bush drastically altered his Bush doctrine, indicating that now the mere "knowledge" of how to build a nuclear weapon is sufficient provocation for an attack by the United States. That would mean that M.I.T., Lawrence Livermore lab, any university with a nuclear research program, every country in the world, including Iran, and yours truly, the author of this post, are now fair game for an American air attack. That's right. Prior to writing this post, I searched for "schematics for a nuclear bomb" and Google returned a list of 1,560,000 sites that would tell me more than I'd like to know about how to blow people off the face of the planet and pollute the atmosphere for millenia. Therefore, I now have the requisite "knowledge" of how to build a nuclear bomb. Should I begin watching the skies and stocking up on rocket launchers to defend my home?" Good question Marie!

Bloggers at NY Times The Caucus are wondering about Bush's plan to go fishing out on Chesapeake Bay at Cheney's house. I'm wondering if Bush will notice some of the effects of global warming that have affected the Bay.

At Best of the Blogs, a writer recommends Naomi Wolf’s new book, “The End of America, A Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot” as a must read. The writer notes that the fact that "we’re sliding toward at least a corporatocracy, if not outright fascism, is not lost on most readers of this blog. To see it laid out in such a clear, well researched fashion is breathtaking and harrowing. It’s not a polemic, it’s not written as a snide shot at Bushco, it’s a blueprint. It should be required reading for every American, liberal, conservative and libertarian included."

And finally, at The Onion, which is had been keeping us entertained year after year, pundits wonder, "Is The Government Spying On Paranoid Schizophrenics Enough?" Check out the video. If you are at all a fan of black humor, this will make your day. Then again, now that I know what the color red signals ... I will never look at my blog pages the same way again!
In The Know: Is The Government Spying On Paranoid Schizophrenics Enough?


Anonymous Mark said...

LOL. Love the Onion. I'm going to be paying closer attention to tattoos from now on.

2:55 PM  

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