Friday, October 19, 2007

Does Clinton Own Women?

Eugene Robinson's oped piece in the WaPo looks at women and Hillary Clinton's run for the presidency. "her lead among women over Barack Obama and her other rivals is so huge -- and so much greater than her lead among men -- that it has to have something to do with gender. Which is perfectly understandable."

It's not even close to perfectly understandable to me. But then again, I've found my way into the Obama camp. I feel no need to vote for Clinton because of her gender. If I could have voted in a female president, it would have been Barbara Jordon, one of my heroes of yore, who sadly, never ran for the office. Or Shirley Chisholm, who actually ran for the office before I was old enough to vote. Or a number of women who are in or out of politics today.

I would love to see a woman president. But I would love it to be a woman I respected and trusted with that office. And I am more than a bit tired of my vote being assumed to be for her simply because of my gender. Assumptions by gender are things I'd hoped we were moving beyond.


Blogger buckarooskidoo said...

okay, time for elaboration...what is the case against Mrs. Clinton? I actually WAS in the Obama camp but am now leaning towards the Woman Bill Clinton is accompanying around America.

What I am i not understanding about Mrs. Clinton?

10:32 PM  
Blogger betmo said...

i am a kucinich backer- but i would have voted for molly ivins in a heartbeat :)

8:49 AM  
Blogger LaPopessa said...

Personally, I loved Obama (or Edwards if he'd gotten going better) for being breaths of fresh air. I find HC to be the same old kind of 20th century politician that we've had time and time again. The big money, few new or radical ideas, and the same old players. I want to break free of the Bush/Clinton/Bush pattern. Also I worry about handing the Democratic party over to someone who has such high negatives. If she wins would she even be able to do anything?

Then there is the tons of military defense contractor money that has been flowing her way. Do they love her for the idea that she'll pull the troops out of Iraq and end this nonsense that feeds their families? I doubt it.

One of my favorite comparisons was when Obama said that he wouldn't wear an American flag pin - "I haven't worn that pin in probably a very long time. I wore it right after 9/11. But after a while, you start noticing people wearing the lapel pin but not acting very patriotic. My attitude is that I'm less concerned with what you're wearing on you lapel than what's in your heart. You show your patriotism by how you treat your fellow Americans, especially those ones who serve." While Clinton responded by saying that there are many ways to show patriotism beyond wearing a flag pin - I can't imagine her ever giving the answer he gave to a reporter. She's far too measured & studied for that. And while that's probably what wins elections anymore, I still want the guy and gal who says what's on their minds - what they believe, and ask us to do the same.

9:55 AM  
Blogger buckarooskidoo said...

Points well taken. I always say, a propos of the ubiquitous flag pin/displays of the flag everywhere, that the person wearing/displaying evidently has trouble remembering what country he/she lives in. i personally have never forgotten what country i am in, and so i don't need obnoxious reminders. i really am perfectly lucid and knowledgeable about my approximate geographic position.

6:26 PM  
Blogger LaPopessa said...

Nor do many of us need yellow ribbon decals on the back of our cars (ok, so some of us don't actually HAVE cars) to remind us that there are American men and women dying in this war. I always wonder if folks who have those put them there because they need the reminder.

8:30 PM  

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