Saturday, October 13, 2007

Not just the top brass...

Ricardo Sanchez isn't alone in his criticism of the Iraq War. As Elizabeth Bumiller discovered in a visit to Fort Leavenworth, where the best and brightest mid-career Army officers typically spend time reflecting on combat experience and putting their heads together about the next war, the only real question is who is more to blame: the Joint Chiefs or the Secretary of Defense. Absolutely no one believes this war is anything but a disaster. You can access this article here. Then you can ask yourself why, if the officers who are leading combat operations and the American people are overwhelmingly negative about the effort, the President and Congress persist in their support. Where's the upside there? It's a mystery to me.


Anonymous Mark said...

There are a handful of people left in this country who think the war is a good idea. Unfortunately, they're the ones in power.

3:20 PM  

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