Monday, October 22, 2007

Pot Meet Kettle

Is there anything Darth Cheney can say without looking like an idiot or wide-eyed war monger? (not that I'm arguing the two are separate things).

In a speech to the Washington Institute for Near East Policy Cheney has called the Tehran government "a growing obstacle to peace in the Middle East.” I guess he would know from obstacles to peace in the Middle East.

Looking at Cheney's speech, one wonders, what else is important to him - aside from threatening Iran? What other bugaboo is so scary to today's world that he needs to mention it and seek support? Well of course, it's the same concern that many Americans share -- "some companies are now facing multi-billion dollar lawsuits merely because they are believed to have assisted in the effort to defend the United States after 9/11. We're asking Congress to grant liability protection to those companies."

Cheney ends with "you can be certain that our country will stay engaged in the Middle East, making the hard choices and providing the kind of leadership that makes this world a better place. " One can only assume he's referring to a leadership that takes over the White House after Bush.

Yes, fear of judgments against companies like Halliburton, Blackwater and the like. Surely Congress will see fit to protect those icons of purity from any public accountability!


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