Monday, October 22, 2007

Politicking Postcards from the Periphery

Even though I am leaning toward Mrs. Clinton for the Dem Prexy nomination(it's both abbreviation and alliteration day here in the sticks), I think Popessa might be on to something in her remarks about Mrs. C's liabilities. I viewed an odd set of "patriotic" postcards last week and today that started me thinking about this.

The first one, spied on a graduate history student's bulletin board, had Hillary Clinton depicted as Rosie the Riveter, proclaiming, "We can do it!" That was some very savvy imagery, including a feminist call-to-arms, the can-do spirit of that age and the salient qualities of the greatest generation: optimism, selflessness, willingness to sacrifice for the good of the cause. Any candidate would like to be associated with that image.

Then the second, which I glimpsed on a dilapidated, closed-down fast food joint in Pilot Rock, Oregon--quite a different story there. The first of two had Mrs. Clinton's face in the traditional Uncle Sam recruitment poster and proclaimed, "I want your AMMO," in apparent reference to some legislation she sponsored with "Teddy(everyone knows who Teddy is)" on limiting the availablity of cop-killer bullets. The second had the same Mrs. Clinton/Uncle Sam declaring, "I want YOUR GUNS." Beneath that image, readers learned that Mrs. Clinton had sponsored legislation extending the odious gun-control bill(maybe it was the Brady Bill?!)her husband signed. The only hint of the cards' origins came in the declaration that contributions to the NRA are not tax-deductible. The Uncle Sam bit was as effective in its way as Rosie, because it implied that as President, Mrs. Clinton would use all the power of the federal government to come strip you of all your lawful firearms and ammunition you require to feed and protect your family. You know how many black helicopter/anti-government gun paranoids there are out there...I am afraid a lot of them will come out just to vote against this looming threat to their gun-wielding lives.

These two images of Mrs. Clinton certainly do make clear there is an unbridgeable gap, a chasm, even an abyss between those who view her normally, or even positively, and those pre-disposed to hysteria at the very thought of a Clinton presidency. I don't know. Maybe we DO need a new face in the executive branch...Obama?


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