Saturday, November 17, 2007

Polling the world

It never had occurred to me to ask this question, but it probably should've: which of the Presidential candidates has the greatest appeal to citizens who can't vote, i.e. the millions and millions of onlookers outside the United States? You can discover the answer here, and it seems to me to be something radical in our politics: an individual who could change perceptions of America just by virtue of who he is.

That's a great reason to root for him, too.


Blogger LaPopessa said...

I'd love to think people would say - yes, that makes sense, let's vote for someone who can get the world back on our side and help make America great again.

What I fear is that people will say - oh no you don't world, you don't go tellin' us how to vote. I'm gonna vote for someone the world hates, 'cause then they'll fear us.

10:26 AM  
Blogger buckarooskidoo said...

i think you could be right about people getting their backs up, but what better antidote could there be to the bellicose old WASPS that have been ruining us and a lot of other people for the past six years?

The knock on Obama is that he is not "experienced" enough. Well, we've had an awful lot of "experience" in this crew of Nixon White House vets, and i think, i'm just guessing here, that one might probably be able to say that kind of experience is fairly seriously overrated.

12:31 PM  
Blogger Mr. Natural said...

Great story buck! I sure hope hillary dosen't get the go-ahead because of the DLC recent history of losing un-losable elections. Obama? Sure, why the hell not? What's worst he can do - fuck things up?

7:58 PM  

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