Sunday, January 06, 2008

George McGovern Speaks: Impeach Bush & Cheney

I am old enough (ack) to remember George McGovern's run for the presidency. In fact, more than that. It was my first real campaign experience. It didn't matter to me that I wasn't old enough to vote, (I wasn't even old enough to be driving the cars from place to place during the car wash I organized with the local community college students) I worked at his campaign headquarters during the primary and the general election.

McGovern has been mostly quiet on the political and national scene since his bitter defeat by Nixon in 1972. Only two years later Nixon, of course, was having his own bitter defeat and resigning the presidency - my first taste of being right in the long run, and beaten down in the short.

In an OpEd piece in today's WaPo titled, "Why I Believe Bush Must Go," McGovern acknowledges that the chances of impeachment of one or other of these high criminals is unlikely. "The political scene is marked by narrow and sometimes superficial partisanship, especially among Republicans, and a lack of courage and statesmanship on the part of too many Democratic politicians. So the chances of a bipartisan impeachment and conviction are not promising."

McGovern goes on to discuss the various crimes against the Constitution and this country that Bush and Cheney have committed. It is a MUST READ piece. And then we have to ask our representatives in Congress an important question. Just what does it take for them to find their backbone in the 21st century?


Blogger buckarooskidoo said...

What astounded me is his distinguished record in combat during the Second World War...people condemned him in the most vituperative termsin '72 about being anti-military, anti-soldier, damnass peacenik, appeaser...and he never, ever offered his service record in rebuttal. That generation was known for its understatement...and how!! I only learned of his service a couple years ago.

8:46 PM  
Blogger Karlo said...

I've always been impressed by McGovern. If he had been elected, he probably would have had a lasting impact.

7:01 AM  

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