Saturday, February 09, 2008


We've all noticed the thousands of little ways, day after day, that the Bush administration has managed to make our lives worse - less pleasant, less free, less comfortable, less sociable, less healthy, you name it.

Live for those of us who live in the District of Columbia has been a long series of dumb ass ideas after dumb ass ideas foisted upon the people who live here by Senators or Representatives merely passing through for a few years. Trying to make names for themselves, or grab a few headlines back home, those folk have never been shy about enacting policies in the District that meet their personal agendas, regardless of what it does to us.

And when the President does it - it's just one more dumb ass move on his part. But it's our lives and our health he mucks around with. The latest idiotic move? His 2009 budget that includes a provision prohibiting DC from using city funds for any needle exchange programs. The Republican congress stopped us for ages. There are similar programs in 36 US states. When we got a Dem. congress, we finally got those funds freed up. PreventionWorks! is getting money to help get the HIV/AIDS crisis here under control. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the city has a massive AIDS problem, higher rates than in NYC or Phily! Only an idiot married to arcane and idiotic views of life styles (needles=more drugs) can't see the connection between needle exchange programs and lower HIV rates.

January 20, 2008 can NOT come fast enough!


Blogger Mr. Natural said...

And the Republicans are being assholes just because they are so good at it and they CAN.


11:38 PM  

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