Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Is There a Full Moon Out?

Were you so busy watching the Obama-Clinton race in Indiana that you weren't paying attention to the far more interesting Republican party race for US Representative, 2nd District? The first and second place candidates seem to be your average, every-day Republicans. But the man who came in last, Tony Zirkle, is a real piece of full moon work.

Zirkle did draw some attention for his anti porn views, and maybe a few votes for that. But what has really captured our attention was Zirkle's attendance on April 20th at a Hitler birthday celebration event sponsored by the National Socialist Workers Party. When asked by the Michigan City, Indiana, News-Dispatch if this meant he was a Nazi sympathizer, he responded with what has got to be a classic line of lines. "I don't know enough about the group to either favor it or oppose it."

So do we have here one of those rare right-wing Republicans willing to admit they're a Nazi? Now sure, you could say that Zirkle is just a product of our broken school system, where a child could possible graduate from high school without learning about National Socialism. Ok, I could maybe see that. But is it possible this man grew up without seeing a movie? Was the 2nd Indiana Jones film the only one he saw? Did he miss Ingrid & Bogey's Casablanca? The Blues Brothers?

I say the man should be shouted down & driven from politics not for the sin of being a Nazi sympathizer (I mean really, we've got more than a few in politics already, albeit none who admit it publicly), but for the sin of being absolutely butt brain dead in the world of American popular culture!


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