Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Truely Disturbed

As I was passing by the DC Convention Center this morning, I caught a glimpse of a number of protest signs. Don't usually see protests at the center. I was wondering what group was there to set off a protest. The only group that seems to be meeting there now is the American Psychiatric Association.

So who was protesting them? As I grew nearer, I noticed that the many signs were being born by only two people. Signs attached at shoulders and hips. And the signs? Pretty hateful anti-gay and anti-military stuff. Scratched my head for a moment - who hates gays AND the military? Well of course, it must have been none other than that group of moron family members led by Kansas nutcase Fred Phelps (some of you may remember a post on the Phelps family from last year). Apparently the group is still at it. Although not sure what the American Psychiatric Association has to do with Phelps' usual tirades against homosexuals and the military. Phelps, as you might remember, pickets military funerals with anti-gay signs, saying that God is punishing America for accepting homosexuality. Amazingly enough, none of those soldiers' families & friends have pounded Phelps & family into the dirt. Now that's restraint!

Again, never been quite sure why he's going after the military, but then let's face it, sanity isn't exactly Phelps' strong suit, so shame on me for wondering. It would make as much sense as to wonder why the guy outside my office wears the tin foil hat. No, wait, THAT makes sense compared to Phelps' psychosis.

APA - do the world a favor - get that guy on the couch - major points to the shrink that can turn that piece of slime into a human being.


Blogger Karlo said...

Some of the extreme right gets so extreme that they actually start hating the right things. Alan Stang goes on and on about how Bush is a commie. (There's also some argument on his site about how Lincoln was a Marxist--this, before the birth of Marx--since he freed the slaves.)

7:50 AM  
Blogger buckarooskidoo said...

I notice that the Phelps clan was on hand to picket Jenna Bush's wedding, since GWB "loves fags." i wonder who is bankrolling them? i would love to be able not to patronize their establishments, even call for a boycott.

8:00 PM  

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