Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Obama demonology

I've been visiting various websites, mostly of the wingnut variety, to compile a list of characteristics ascribed to Barack Obama by his opponents. Here is a partial list of the things the Republicans would like you to believe about Barack Obama--partial because it mushrooms seemingly hour to hour. In their universe, Barack is(a)...

Traitor to his country
Lightweight/Empty Suit
Communist/Marxist/Socialist(seems to be incompatible with Lightweight/Empty Suit, since you have to read all that turgid political and economic theory)
Dictator-in-Waiting, Great Leader and Teacher, leader of Liberal Fascist(hey, same difference!)totalitarian movement
UnAmerican, insufficiently devoted to the country
Publicity Hound(wouldn’t visit the troops)
Unpatriotic, indifferent to Our Men and Women in uniform(see above)
Radiclib, patron of the Weather Underground(William Ayres connection)
Muslim(what is negative about one of the historic religions of the world, I don’t know, but nevermind)
Seeker of celebrity
Liar(he says his mother had “bedrock values,” whereas she actually was a Radical Marxist…)
Weird foreigner(born in Hawaii, but they hardly wear any clothes over there!)
Ambitious(o good heavens! Not a senator who’s ambitious!!)
Niggardly(hasn’t brought all his benighted Kenyan relatives here and set them up in business)
Classic Black Man, interested only in advancing the interest of Other Black People
__________________Add your own wingnut allegation/observation here

I'm wondering when someone will "prove" he kicks puppies for sport and locks his kids in a closet...in any case, this is a dismaying and dreary list, but it does validate something the Russians used to say about the United States. They always used to maintain--they probably still do--that Americans needed an "image of the enemy." I think you can say that at least a good portion of this electorate does, and that this faction likes their enemies very black(literally and figuratively)indeed.

Kinda depressing, really.


Blogger Declarations of Pride said...

Get this...I live in PA, in a University town. I have an employee with a 13 year old, black, adopted son. She wants to move him to a more tolerant school district because the white kids pick on him.


When a comment was made that "maybe things will be better if there is a black President?"

The person, without missing a beat, says "He's a Muslim. They came over hear and bombed us. He's not going to help."

How's that for an ignorant voter?!

1:32 PM  

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