Tuesday, September 09, 2008

What are they thinking out there?

I was just watching McCain/Palin on tv, a little snippet from today's trail in PA. Sarah Palin was speaking, accusing Obama/Biden of all kinds of malfeasance, including being hypocrites, e.g. saying one thing to the (straight, upstanding, hard-working Americans of)Pennsylvania and something else entirely to the (snooty, chardonnay-sipping, graduate-degreed) elitists of San Francisco. When she wasn't doing that, she was singing the praises of John McCain, the man who puts country first, who has sacrificed so much for the country, who is such a wonderful, courageous, moral person. The crowd appaluded the applause lines, as you would expect, and McCain kind of stood there, smiling and waving.

It suddenly occurred to me that McCain hadn't said a thing the whole time--it was only Palin. He suddenly looked so old and stodgy...she looked like his daughter, or niece, maybe, preparing to return him to the assisted living center. You could ask yourself, who is really running seriously for the highest office in the land, Palin or the nominee? It also reminded me of the Frank Burns/Hotlips Houlihan dynamic on MASH, where Hotlips always spoke for Frank, because she was smarter and more assertive than he. You wonder what kind of message they are sending there? McCain--not quite ready for prime time? And if he's not, are we to be confident of her knowledge and abiities as a future President of the United States?!

When the clip had finished, something else struck me: I couldn't remember her doing anything except leading the crowd in put-downs of the Democrats and heaping praise on John McCain. I guess this is to be an All-Palin-All-The-Time, content-free Republican campaign.

And these people are even with Obama/Biden in the polls...I wonder what planet this electorate has been living on.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's absolutely dumbfounding. Which is not surprising, I guess when you think about how dumb some of the electorate actually is.

7:57 PM  

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