Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Interchangeable Parts

Is there anything more condescending to women as a group than all of the noise various pundits are making on Palin as a key to swaying women voters to McCain.

Yes, of course, how silly of me not to notice (stupid woman hits herself in head) that women are interchangeable. Sure Palin is anti-abortion rights while Hillary is pro-choice. But Palin is a woman - and so McCain and supporters prepare for the rush to support her from penis-challenged voters.

Ignore that recent Rutgers Univ. study that shows "women don't vote for a candidate because a woman is on the ticket." What do those eastern elitists know anyway? Or that June poll that showed pro-choice is a swing issue that brings women voters to Obama. After all, pollsters are just liberal elitists too.

But perhaps we're just being too quick to judge. Perhaps McCain is not trying to trick Clinton voters into voting for Palin because he thinks we only see gender. Maybe he's hoping to sway the millions of women who didn't vote for Hillary and are on the fence for McCain vs. Obama. And he knows that the issues these women consider important - the economy, the challenge of being sandwiched between taking care of aging parents and young children, health care and other day to day issues of life when you're so busy working and taking care of everyone else you don't have time to breathe, let alone read a candidate's policy papers - will be addressed by adding a woman to the ticket who has vast experience in dealing with all of these issues . . .


Yeah, I think it was the "interchangeable parts" concept they went with too.


Blogger Karlo said...

Or are we all supposed to vote for McCain because Palin's husband races snowmobiles? I'm telling you, this election is a rapid race to the bottom. And to think that this woman could be president of our Krischun nation on a 6000 yr old planet. I here a clarion call.

6:25 PM  

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