Sunday, August 31, 2008

Palin and priorities

Overheard at an anniversary party yesterday:

"I get it about Sarah Palin, she's a mom with five young children and a husband and a career, that's great, she's having it all. But i DON'T want her "having it all" in the White House! Where would she find the time to be Ms. Everything, Ms. Commander-in-Chief, Ms. Win-the-War-on-Terror?"

I have to confess, I hadn't thought of that as I mulled over the Palin selection...I thought "gimmick," "insult to my intelligence," and "Harriet Miers," but the time and priorities angle hadn't occurred to me. I think the White House might just be a tad more formidable a responsibility than the Alaska governor's office for a "working mom."


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