Sunday, October 05, 2008

How Dumb Are We? Take 2

One of the many, many benefits of having smart friends & family is that you don't get the bizarro attack Obama emails that are floating around. So I actually have to go looking for these things if I want to see them. And honestly, have felt no need to go hunting. Then something comes along like a story in today's WaPo about a woman trying to make ends meet in Michigan. She's thinking about voting for Obama even though her family is against it. Her boyfriend doesn't want to vote for a Black man (disgusting, but refreshingly honest compared to those interviews I see with racists who you can see digging hard for a publically palatable reason they won't vote for him), and her sister says that Obama would: "take away everyone's guns and control what roads they can and cannot drive on."

Ok, I can see the gun thing, every democrat who has run for president in the past 50 years is labeled with the "take your guns away" fear. But "control what roads" you can drive on? Not only was that a new one to me, but it was so utterly stupid that I decided to see some of the other nonsense that was out there (forget the whole Christian vs. Muslim thing - the folks that belief he's a Muslim are stuck there and the facts aren't ever going to matter - they're beyond hope). The Israeli Insider (no, I'm not providing links to these idiots) ran with the story that Obama's birth certificate was fake, that he probably wasn't even an American. Then there's the claim that his airplane doesn't have an American flag (sorry, it does, in the same place as McCain's plane's flag). Obama is the devil (or for one blogger, not the devil, just one of his minions). Children singing a song for Obama is a symbol of Hitler or Stalin style.

There are more, but I started to feel so nauseous I had to stop. It's one thing to be full of hate and working hard to spread nonsense. But to buy that nonsense without question? The woman in the article says that "you hear so many things, it's hard to believe what's true." Dear, that is what education is all about. Learning as much as you can so you can look at a bowl of information and pull out what is logical and true, and what is utter nonsense. For the sake of the rest of us, I hope that Americans work a little bit harder this year at educating themselves, and a little less time forwarding idiotic emails.


Blogger buckarooskidoo said...

i think the education system in the country is very much responsible for people like the woman you generally do not get taught the difference between fact and opinion, and i don't think "cheerful skepticism" is in many people's educational lexicon. i would like to see a national curriculum if which critical thinking and a skeptical approach to life are a prominent part, but i am not holding my breath. that's not on the state or national tests, you see...

and let me reiterate my conviction that this would be a very different country if every high school student had a required period of study abroad.

8:24 PM  

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