Sunday, October 26, 2008

Les mots justes

I had posed this question to myself, i.e. how does Obama manage to hide all of his alleged nefarious associations and activities while making a show of being this clear-eyed, rational, middle-of-the-road acceptable alternative to John "Bomb,Bomb,Bomb Iran" McCain. But maybe it takes a wordsmith like David Kurtz over at Talking Points Memo to put it this way...

"Barack Obama is noted for his powerful intellect, but I don't think he gets nearly enough credit for the mental dexterity it takes to be simultaneously an Islamic theocrat, atheistic communist and national socialist while posing as a center left candidate. Those must be the compartmentalization skills they taught him at that Manchurian madrasah in Indonesia."

What David said!


Blogger Karlo said...

Hilarious. And so true!

8:09 PM  

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